Speakers Jaakko Lehtolainen and Päivi Kandolin

Outreach Youth Worker, Bachelor of Social Work

Jaakko Lehtolainen and Päivi Kandolin are professionals of Outreach youth work in the City of Seinäjoki. Kandolin also works as a Coordinator of regional outreach youth work.

Outreach youth work is special youth work, which assists young people under the age of 29 who are excluded from education and working life or who need support in accessing the services they need. Outreach youth work offers a young person early support if they choose to accept it.

Title of their presentation and workshop is Outreach youth work – companionship build on trust.

3rd International Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Conference is held on 31st March – 2nd April in the City of Seinäjoki, Finland. More information