Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Conference 2020 is postponed

Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Conference 2020 is postponed   The 3rd international Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Conference between March 31 – April 2 2020 is postponed because of the growing concerns related to the corona COVID-19 virus. New date for the conference will...

Introducing Speakers Jaakko Lehtolainen & Päivi Kandolin

Speakers Jaakko Lehtolainen and Päivi Kandolin Outreach Youth Worker, Bachelor of Social Work Jaakko Lehtolainen and Päivi Kandolin are professionals of Outreach youth work in the City of Seinäjoki. Kandolin also works as a Coordinator of regional outreach youth work....


Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki is the City of Overcoming Obesity Programme. In 2013 the City of Seinäjoki set the target to reduce obesity and overweight among children and young people. The goal was to promote healthy changes in the lifestyle of children and families with lifestyle guidance, nutrition and physical exercise. The good achievements brought international recognition to the City of Seinäjoki. The Programme demonstrates that prevention is possible and cost-effective. The results prove that a single municipality can set targets for wellbeing and fulfill them doing consistent work to promote wellbeing and health of the population.

Health in All Policies, Multiprofessional Cooperation and Health Promotion Innovations are the core themes of the annual Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Conference. Especially the model of multidimensional cooperation in curbing childhood obesity has attracted international attention. City of Seinäjoki wants to be an international development platform and a hub for new innovations and global solutions on holistic health and wellbeing of the citizens. In this development work multidimensional networking and cooperation in a local, regional, national and international level is valuable.

You are kindly welcome to learn more and meet other professionals, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and decision makers. You can also see the results of the Overcoming Obesity Programme during the site visits.


Welcome to the 3rd International Healthy Kids Of Seinäjoki Conference on March 31 – April 2 2020!

Welcome to Seinäjoki!

Welcome to Seinäjoki!

I have the great honour to welcome you all to the City of Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki is a city that wants to improve the well-being and health of its citizens in all of its operations.  This means that we make choices towards creating an urban environment that motivates you to move and offers healthy food, active schools, and a safe and communal city. We do not consider the improving of well-being and health to be a project, but rather a commitment that permanently guides our actions.

We are proud of what we have accomplished. In particular, the actions we have taken in kindergartens, schools and health care services have played a key role in this. They are especially important, because they focus on our children and youth. We all know that positive change towards the right lifestyle choices starts with the children.

It is great to have you as our guest. We want to openly tell and share our stories, and in that way, further work towards improving health and well-being everywhere. We ourselves can also learn from you and the experiences of your cities.

Seinäjoki is a growing city in Finland. We are happy to have a high standard of living and offer good services to our citizens.

Welcome to Seinäjoki.

Jorma Rasinmäki
Mayor, City of Seinäjoki

Jorma Rasinmäki

Jorma Rasinmäki


A year ago, we had an ambitious goal to launch the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Platform to the world. Now, I’m happy to say it has become reality. The Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Platform and the second conference have become an international development and training framework for us. Today, the HKS platform means the promotion of health for children and families, high quality services for our citizens, training for our employees and close cooperation with companies, communities and education.

The Seinäjoki Model, our health promotion innovation against childhood obesity, is going to be introduced the conference. The model is based on multidisciplinary work to reduce childhood obesity. It includes systematic work in every sector of the city to promote the well-being of children and families and to make for a better environment.

It’s exciting to have guests from all over the world. Seinäjoki is a growing and spacious city and no less than the Capital of Space since 2018. You are very warmly welcome to Seinäjoki, Finland. I hope, that you`ll feel the nice spring time again here in Finland and experience it as a City of Overcoming Obesity.

On behalf of the Conference Committee

Ulla Frantti-Malinen
Coordinator of Health and Welfare Promotion
City Of Seinäjoki

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