Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki is the City of Overcoming Obesity Programme. In 2013 the City of Seinäjoki set the target to reduce obesity and overweight among children and young people. The goal was to promote healthy changes in the lifestyle of children and families with lifestyle guidance, nutrition and physical exercise. The good achievements brought international recognition to the City of Seinäjoki. The Programme demonstrates that prevention is possible and cost-effective. The results prove that a single municipality can set targets for wellbeing and fulfill them doing consistent work to promote wellbeing and health of the population.

Health in All Policies approach, multiprofessional cooperation and new health promotion Innovations are the core themes of the Overcoming Obesity Programme. Especially the model of multidimensional cooperation in curbing childhood obesity has attracted international attention. City of Seinäjoki has become an International development platform and a hub for new innovations and global solutions on holistic health and wellbeing of the citizens. In this development work multidimensional networking and cooperation in a local, regional, national and international level is valuable.

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