Aim of ECHO zone Värnamo is, firstly, to sustainably reduce the number of children with overweight or obesity and thereby improving physical and mental health. Secondly, ECHO zone Värnamo aims at identifying factors that contribute to achieve sustainably improved health i.e. understanding what intervention components are effective. Thirdly, ECHO zone Värnamo aims at formulating the identified components into a strategy to be propagated and disseminated to relevant stake-holders.

In the Conference speakers from Sweden describe ECHO zone Värnamo 1.0, the first version of ECHO zone Värnamo, including both the intervention, analysis and evidence building.

Värnamo is a community with 34,000 inhabitants located in the Region of Jönköping in the southern part of Sweden. Local and regional government and health care providers in Värnamo and Region Jönköping together with Uppsala University committed long-term to initiate, manage and evaluate ECHO zone Värnamo (2018).

ECHO zone Värnamo will be presented in the Conference on Wednesday March 13th. See the Conference Programme.